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The holiday camp is a short-term course designed to engage children in an ‘fun’ tennis program to build confidence, physical condition and awareness of tennis.

  • Suitable for children between the ages of 3 to 17 years

  • Aims to teach all basic concepts of tennis as well as swings

  • Our strategies are to make children aware of the differences between all basic swings, including serve, service return, stroke rally, approach, volley and smash. Children will be able to experience all the different skills of tennis to increase their interest in the game.

  • Term 1 ~ 4 every year. 

  • Specific dates are TBA.

<How to apply>

Please fill out the details below. Your enrolment will be checked and confirmed by a coach or staff member within 24 hours. 

Contact Number:
No. of days attendance:
Special Notes (e.g. medical conditions):  
Payment Method (Transfer / Cash): 

Thank you. 
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