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<Tennis Camp 2024 -  Term 2 >
APRIL - 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th (Tue-Fri)

JAN - 23rd, 24th, 26th (Tue,Wed, Fri)

9 am - 3 pm 

Strathfield Sports Club 
( 19 Morwick street, Strathfield, NSW, 2135 )


WWTA Indoor Centre

( 29 Carlingford street, Regents Park, NSW, 2143)

<Price list>
1-3 days  $72 per day 
4+ days  $65 per day  

The WorldWide Tennis Academy runs children's tennis camp during school vacation for different age groups and skills. (Between 5-16 years old) 

Afternoon session involves set play. Children must have the ability to maintain a rally. If unsure, please contact the tennis manager
Director 0450 500 145 
Manager 0409 019 777 

<What to bring>
Tennis racquet (if possible) 
Water Bottle
Lunch (We can provide lunch for your child,

Lunch box $13 , Korean Kimbab $7)
<Camp Perks>
Pizza Friday (Lunch is provided by us on Friday's)

What we are learning in the camp:
1. Serve 
2. Ground stoke (forehand and backhand) 
3. Volley
4. Smashing  
5. Game's rules
6. Tennis manners  
7. Set play 
8. Players' attitudes 
9. Improve focus level
10. Image training 
11. Mental fortification

In regard of Rain, the Tennis camp will not be cancelled due to rain. 
WWTA will not refund for customers who assume that lessons are cancelled due to wet weather. 

The tennis courts in SSC are synthetic grass courts which has good drainage. 
If heavy rain comes during the courses, kids will be taken shelter from the rain and do indoor activities including :
- Tennis Etiquettes
- Stretching and core strength training
- Tennis Match related Q&A
- Tennis techniques & tactics

(And if you bring siblings you can get extra 5% discount for each sibling per head)

<How to apply>

Please fill out the details on Enquiry page or Message (0450500145). Your enrolment will be checked and confirmed by a coach or staff member within 24 hours.

Name : 

Age :

Contact number :

Number of days attendance :

Special notes (e.g. medical conditions) :

Payment method (Transfer / Cash) :

Thank you

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