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Mental Strength

Strengthen your mentality to maintain a positive mindset and create a match that is planned with techniques.


Improve your concentration on the current point without being distracted by your surroundings.

Attacking Tactics

Having a strategic approach, which involves the highest level of defence while also attacking the opponent’s weakness.

About Our Company

WWTA bases its teachings and coaching on scientifically proven strategies and tactics, which have been built through experience. Our mission is to cultivate a culture of tennis for young professional athletes as well as to provide social tennis and we thrive to emphasise the enjoyment of tennis.

  • Elite athlete program for the development of professional junior athletes
  • Technique-based program for social tennis
  • Specialised School Holiday Tennis Camp


WWTA Coaching Approach

WWTA is an academic which is currently coaching through professional experience in the industry and caters to do the physical and mental capabilities of individual players. It’s important to us that we help all our plyers to reach their desires and goals in tennis.

We feel the need to place a certain degree of emphasis on fitness and endurance to improve the experience of tennis for players as per what is required to play singles or doubles matches.

Along with fitness, WWTA combine other physical skills so that players are not only taught the theoretical techniques of strokes, volleys and serves, but also learn how to approach these shots in a real match.

WWTA bases all coaching techniques on a strong foundation of techniques, proven by professional athletes and sports science institutions.

About Us

World Wide Tennis Academy (WWTA) provides scientific data and personalised and exclusive programs catered for each individual.

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