Our Systems

Scientific and Systematic Tennis Education System

Elite Development Program

Enables the players to achieve their full potential through coordination, image training, target setting, analysis and feedback processes

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Social Tennis

Personalised testing and complementary programs for all levels (Health, Enjoyment, Match Level, Tournament, etc.)

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Specialised Programs

Themed lessons upgrade each shot, tactical skills and mentality of players.
Holiday camp programs increase enjoyment, concentration, image training and coordination.

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WWTA Coaching System

Join our meticulously and professionally designed coaching system to maximise your experience of tennis.


Individuals are professionally consulted to determine their exact profile, involving their characteristic and physical condition.


Each player will be given a carefully devised plan.


The coach will use a goal-oriented approach to help players to understand their plans and what is involved in their training.


Training will be delivered to the players in the most appropriate method that suits them.

About Us

World Wide Tennis Academy (WWTA) provides scientific data and personalised and exclusive programs catered for each individual.

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