Kids Tennis

Offers a tennis program to children, through a multidisciplinary approach involving basic fitness, ball awareness and a disciplined form of play for kids to enjoy.

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  • Suitable for children between the ages of 3 to 8 years
  • Aims to teach basic physical coordination and motions of basic swings
  • Our strategies are to use play to introduce effective warm up programs and build physical strength before using sponge balls, red balls and orange balls to familiarise children with the concept of the ball and basic swings. Games are incorporated to engage children into tennis and encourage the idea of enjoyment in tennis.

Junior Program

This program offers a more comprehensive skill-set to children to encourage rallies using basic swings while familiarises the actual game and rules of tennis.

  • Suitable for children between the ages of 8 to 13 years
  • Aims to teach how to use basic swings in rallies and games
  • Our strategies are to improve strength and stamina required to become a tennis athlete by designing an evaluation program that is catered for individuals. Juniors will be playing with green and blue balls to widen the range of shots and swings to later be used in enhancing their game performance.
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Holiday Tennis Camp

The holiday camp is a short-term course designed to engage children in an ‘fun’ tennis program to build confidence, physical condition and awareness of tennis.

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  • Suitable for children between the ages of 3 to 17 years
  • Aims to teach all basic concepts of tennis as well as swings
  • Our strategies are to make children aware of the differences between all basic swings, including serve, service return, stroke rally, approach, volley and smash. Children will be able to experience all the different skills of tennis to increase their interest in the game.

Themed Program

Designed to upgrade particular skills of tennis to enhance game performance. Themes will be based on Serving, Serve Return, Approach, Volley, Smash, etc.

  • Suitable for players who are already familiar with the basic swings
  • Aims to teach the theory and details behind each of the swings, from the technical aspects to tip for best performance
  • Our strategies are to incorporate scientifically proven approaches to use the natural body movement and enhance motion, strength and accuracy of each skill of tennis.
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Pop-up Social Tennis

Open for all players who wish to be involved in social tennis and naturally expose themselves for more game experience.

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  • Suitable for all members of WWTA
  • Aims to arrange semi-formal games of tennis amongst players, to expose themselves to playing matches to enhance their style of practicing swings
  • Our strategies are to systemise a pool so that players are categories according to their level of tennis and maximise their chances to play matches in a social environment

About Us

World Wide Tennis Academy (WWTA) provides scientific data and personalised and exclusive programs catered for each individual.

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