Social Tennis – Introductory

For all amateurs of sports, regardless of levels and abilities, we teach the basics of all techniques and co-ordination, while maximising the social experience.

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  • Suitable for those at an introductory level of tennis
  • Aims to teach the basic swings and strokes of tennis
  • Our basic strategies are to prevent injuries by having structure warm-up programs and teach tennis etiquette

Social Tennis – Beginner

Improves the accuracy of basic swings to be used in real situations and games.

  • Suitable for those who have a basic understanding of the tennis swings and wishes to play games
  • Aims to increase rallies while maintaining the accuracy of basic swings
  • Our basic strategies are to improve body movement and footwork to aid in using basic swings within a running game
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Social Tennis – Intermediate

Intends to teach players to competently play the basic 6 strokes of tennis and apply this into a game situation, while also become familiar with net play.

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  • Suitable for those who are already familiar with the basic 6 strokes of tennis and able to control the ball. They should already be familiar with the basics of game play
  • Aims to teach how to read the ball as well as counter attack according to any given situation in a game
  • Our strategies are to teach the direction of an oncoming ball, how to set up net play, understanding the timing of counter attack

Social Tennis – Advanced

Teaches players to move beyond the basic routines of game play, to understanding the opponents’ weaknesses and game strategy, in order to dominate the game.

  • Suitable for players who have experience of different types of games and able to manipulate skills according to the situation
  • Aims to improve the competency of controlling their shots and outplaying the opponent
  • Our strategies are to strengthen the speed, control and power of shots for players to be able to play their intended shots at specific points of the game according to the game tactic
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About Us

World Wide Tennis Academy (WWTA) provides scientific data and personalised and exclusive programs catered for each individual.

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