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Our Team makes Champions

Champions are not born but made.
We all have great dreams.

In fact, our dreams are our greatest source of motivation, which helps us to succeed, have determination, and to develop perseverance.
"Over 80% of your success in Tennis is won through the mental capacity to persevere" is a common saying on the Tennis court. Hence, it’s only logical to say that the secret to a Champion's success is in his mental strength.
With that being said, although technical skills and the physical performance on the court are both important, once mental perseverance fails, these are no longer relevant.
According to old sayings, "Your habits from your infancy last through to your eighties."
We believe if the right habits and attitude can be taught and trained from younger years, we believe a champion can be made.
We have a burning passion for what we do, and we will endeavour to continually evolve and upgrade to provide the most ideal environment to keep the passion burning.

From us here at Worldwide Tennis academy, we will set objectives which fuel passion, so that you may be able to win fights against yourself, so you may win greater victories and achieve joy beyond your expectations.

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World Wide Tennis Academy (WWTA) provides scientific data and personalised and exclusive programs catered for each individual.

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